I'm 1000 words into the first of two pinch-hit assignments I received four and a half hours ago. I've only written 500 words for the second, but I hope to catch up once I've completed the first. Inspiration feels good!
Last week, I had a goal. My beta-reader and internet twin, [livejournal.com profile] linlawless, refuses to let me give up on fixing Lessons in Metempsychosis and Saṅsāra, and she dared me to make progress.

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Nearly a year ago, I posted a fragment of a poem I wrote back when I was in college. This weekend, as I packed up to move, I found a complete version of one of the early drafts.

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A post over at the Spock_Uhura comm sent me searching for ancient blog posts and poetry I'd written about Black women and hair.

The posts were a disappointment, as they were heavily edited -- I remembered cutting huges swaths out of most of them so as not to offend my employers.

The poem, which I wrote probably 15 years ago, was missing the second and third stanzas from the original version and I'd added a stanza just for the blog, but it was still better than what I'd done to the blogs hemselves:
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I wish I could remember the rest.




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