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Title: The Unexpected Gift (or, The Inappropriate Present)
Author: [personal profile] teaoli
Recipient: of_anoesis
Prompt: In the spirit of the fest, may I suggest, "the unexpected gift"?
Summary Hermione Granger loves more than books. Finally, one person recognises that.
Rating: K/G/All Audiences
Word Count: 100
Author’s Notes: This was fun, and keeping it down to only 100 words was a challenge I enjoyed stretching to meet. That it was done in honour of our fearless hostess made succeeding that much sweeter. (No beta has read this drabble, so please forgive my errors.) Nothing belongs to me. Everything recognisable was the invention and is the property of Jo Rowling.

Hermione didn’t like parties. Parties meant presents. As much as she loved her friends, their gifts were always the same.

Because they meant well, she’d unwrapped nine nonsensical novels and opened three tokens for a bookshop she never visited, conjuring smiles for all. The effort left her cheeks aching.

Pretending eagerness she didn’t feel, Hermione unwrapped the last gift and found… neither a book nor a token cleverly hidden in a weighted box.

The spill of silvery silk flowed into a (modestly) sensuous negligee when she lifted when she lifted it out.

“Congratulations on your appointment, Minister Granger,” Snape murmured.
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